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  • Editorials
  • Press release
  • SEO articles


  • Web-pages content
  • Landing pages
  • Buying guides
  • Product descriptions and reviews

Long-form content

  • How-to guides
  • Resource lists
  • In-depth guides
  • Blog posts

If there was a way to advertise, sell, and make contact with your prospects even in your sleep? You would want to know about it, wouldn’t you?

Well, targeted and SEO optimized webcontent is the secret.

People will first meet you through your website. They will either trust you to meet their needs, or leave, depending on the first impression they get. 

And you only have 5 seconds to get it right. 

As your health and wellness content writer, I’ll help you to create health and wellness web content that speaks to your specific audience. Content that addresses their needs/challenges. Content that makes them feel understood and cared for.

If we focus on the benefits you are offering, and humanize your brand, your bounce rate will reduce, and your website will convert more.

No more ‘buying back” syndrome!

The health and wellness market is very competitive. To stand out, you need to position your product as the ultimate solution to health problems and reap the rewards. Detailed, benefit-focused, and deeply researched and tailored product reviews, product descriptions, and buying guides will help you do that.

And just because you want to sell doesn’t mean that they need to be all hypey and salesy!

Trust me, people know when you are not being honest with them. And as soon as that feeling creeps in, they hear ‘rustling in the bushes’ and the fight or flight mode is activated, making them lose faith in the product.

So let me write product reviews and buying guides that are more than just a sale pitch.

Content that educates and informs your audience. Content that focuses on benefits and not just features, and doesn’t stop there; it also gives recommendations and mentions drawbacks so your prospects can make the best decisions.

And what about product descriptions? Let’s convince them that the product is worth buying. You know, tap into the psychological benefits of the product and give them a reason to brag to their friends about the buy.

As your health and wellness content writer, I’ll help you to create  bespoke, engaging and optimized health and wellness blog posts that will humanize your brand, start conversations, and educate your prospects. And before I even start writing, I study the persona of your audience to determine the best way to speak to them, and what exactly I need to address.

My health and wellness blog posts will address the concerns and fears of your audience exhaustively. They will have links to authoritative sites, stats, images, correct usage of keywords (quality and quantity), eye-catching headlines, compelling introductions, and a call to action for your readers.

Consequently,you will get more traffic to your website, establish a strong brand, build solid authority by showcasing your knowledge, and finally, you will sell more.

And what if you are looking health and wellness SEO writing? I can help you with that too, and together we’ll improve your rankings on search engines so you can reap front-row conversions.

If your business doesn’t have an active social media presence yet, you are missing out.

There is no better way to get free brand awareness than through social media. Currently, most buying habits are directly influenced by social media.

I will help you create engaging social media posts that will advertise, sensitize, and update your audience in a friendly but firm tone.

Press releases act as both marketing and  communication tools.

Look at it this way: you are about to launch a product/service, you want to tell people about it, but also want to control the narrative. Say just enough to spark interest and curiosity so you can pull people in. This is where press releases come in.

So whether you are launching a product/service, announcing a cause, promoting a service, or just looking to pass a point across, I can help you do that through well-written health and wellness Press Releases.

Get bespoke long-form content written in your brand’s special tone so you can stand out, educate your prospects, and rank higher.

  • industry definitions
  • resource lists
  • how to guides
  • tutorials
  • case studies
  • e-books



I don't miss out on deadlines. You'll always have your content served and delivered on time so you can serve your customers and gain more business within schedule.


I use my digital & content marketing skills to deliver content that engages and converts. Content for humans and search engines. You'll be seen, heard, and 'll sell more!


You'll get high-quality content at affordable rates. You only need to pay half up-front and the rest after the project is done.


Running a business is hard enough. I'm easy & comfortable to work with. I'll be the friend and partner you need to bring your dreams to life.

areas of expertise

  • Fitness and weight management
  • Mental health
  • Personal development
  • Meditation and Yoga
  • Parenting
  • Health-tech

  • Love & relationships
  • Natural health & healthy living
  • Bio-hacking, etc.

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