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Get Powerful Professional Content for Businesses That Want to Win More Customers

Get More Leads

I create blog posts that speak your brand language, humanize your brand , and create trust among your prospects. Combined with SEO techniques, the exposure will bring you more potential clients.

Build a Stronger Brand

The more you display your expertise through content, educate your audience, and build a strong following, you will make believers out of your prospects. Your brand will stand out, and your bank account will grow.

Make More Money/Sales

I write to sell. My work is to portray your product as the best solution to a specific problem. Content that spark conversions with powerful CTAs will have your prospect clicking the buy buttons.

What Can I Do For You?

Having an awesome product is never enough. It has to be seen by the right people for it to be relevant.

Welcome to Bettypensit. My goal is to scale your business marketing efforts by creating content that puts you in front of your target market, and converts them into clients.

People will first meet you through your website. They will either trust you to meet their needs, or leave, depending on the first impression they get. 

And you only have 5 seconds to get it right.

I will help you come up with web content that speaks to your specific audience. Content that addresses their needs/challenges. Content that makes them feel understood and cared for. If we focus on the benefits you are offering, and humanize your brand, your bounce rate will reduce, and your website will convert more.


Do you have a product on the market? Or, are you an affiliate? Whichever the case, you need product reviews, product descriptions, and buying guides that convert. And just because you want to sell doesn’t mean that they need to be all hypey and salesy. Trust me, people know when you are not being honest with them. And as soon as that feeling creeps in, they lose trust in the product.

So let me write product reviews and buying guides that are more than just a sale pitch. Content that educates and informs your audience. Content that focuses on benefits and not just features and doesn’t stop there; it also gives recommendations and mentions drawbacks so your prospects can make the best decision.

And what about product descriptions? Let’s convince them that the product is worth buying.

I write bespoke, engaging and optimized blog posts that will humanize your brand, start conversations, and educate your prospects. And before I even start writing, I study the persona of your audience to determine the best way to speak to them, and what exactly I need to address.

My blog posts will address the concerns and fears of your audience exhaustively. They will have links to authoritative sites, stats, images, correct usage of keywords (quality and quantity), eye-catching headlines, compelling introductions, and a call to action for your readers.

Consequently,you will get more traffic to your website, establish a strong brand, build solid authority by showcasing your knowledge and finally, you will sell more.


Are you tired of sending emails that are never opened? Does your pitching strategy always backfire on your face?

If the money is not coming in, then there is something wrong with the list. I can help you create an email sequence that will not only be opened but also inform, establish great personal connections, convert into sales, and also educate your recipients.

I will also help you to create relevant and persuasive sales copies, powerful lead magnets, and awesome landing pages. They will help you to grow your client list, develop a string market authority, and eventually,increase your profits.

People love stories. And there is no better way to tell it than using well-written case studies.

Let us build trust and show people that your product really works.

If your business doesn’t have an active social media presence yet, you are missing out.

There is no better way to get free brand awareness than through social media. Currently, most buying habits are directly influenced by social media.

I will help you create engaging social media posts that will advertise, sensitize, and update your audience in a friendly but firm tone.

Press releases act as both marketing and  communication tools.

Look at it this way: you are about to launch a product/service, you want to tell people about it, but also want to control the narrative. Say, just enough to spark interest and curiosity so you can pull people in. This is where press releases come in.

So whether you are launching a product/service, announcing a cause, promoting a service, or just looking to pass a point across, I can help you do that through Press Releases.

My Happy Clients!

Betty is an excellent writer with the ability to take ideas and transform them into words. She is a creative that wowed me with every article that she worked on for me. I HIGHLY recommend her.
I enjoyed working with Betty. She is very professional in her approach to work and the result very good value for money. Highly Recommended!
Betty is a nice and reliable person who delivers written content of high quality. Highly recommend and will definitely work with again.

Wanna See Some of My Work?

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Tech and Business

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Who Am I?

I am Betty Cherotich, a freelance content writer and a blogger. I am also a mum, a former banker, a spiritual enthusiast, and a book junkie.

When I am not helping my clients to create content, you will find me binge watching, listening to soft rock, or cuddling with my daughter.

It doesn’t matter what niche your business is in. As long as you need content, trust me to deliver. The process of  creating content that converts is the same across the board.



In the past, I have created content in the following niches:

  • Real estate
  • Health and fitness
  • Family and relationships
  • Gambling-casino and sportbetting
  • Business
  • Home improvement
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Technology and Software
  • Self improvement
  • And many more….



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Success starts with one step in the right direction. And you are on the right track.  Let me handle the content bit for you so you can focus on other important areas of your business. Just let me know how I can help below, and I will get back to you shortly.