Hi, I am Betty, a freelance health and wellness writer. I specialize in creating smart, engaging, ROI-focused content for health, lifestyle, and wellness brands.

If a writer with real experience and passion for your industry could help you win more clients, gain industry authority, and make more money, you'd hire them now, wouldn't you?

Be Seen

Position your brand on the front pages of search engines for maximum returns. And don't just sit online outdated, stand out!

Be heard

Let the benefits of your products and services be known by your target audience. Build trust by displaying your expertise.

Sell More

Convince your prospects that your product/service is the ultimate/ best solution to their specific problem and convert them into recurring buyers.

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What can I do for you ?
Your brand's healthy & well-thy menu

Improve Rankings

It' no longer enough to just have an online presence. You have to get a seat on the front row if you want to reap the most benefits! Let's get you there.

More Leads

You are in business because of customers. Without them, your brand/product/service is irrelevant. So let's channel "the starving crowd" your way so you can make sales and remain in business.

Convert Visitors

Once they find you, what next? It's time to sell. And we only have a 4 seconds window to do that. Let's show them why they can't live without your product if they want to improve their lives.

Build Authority

In the health and wellness niche, expertise wins everyday. And there's no better way to display it than through regular content addressing your audience's specific pain points. Let's strengthen your brand.

More Money &Growth

This is the end goal. We'll combine the best content marketing practices to make sure that you meet and exceed your business goals while serving humanity! But first, you have to be seen and heard before you can sell. Let's do this!

How exactly do I do that?


What my past clients said...

“Betty wrote very engaging and informative blog articles for our Health Content agency. Everything was flawless: language, structure, factual information. Even the seo title and meta description were according to SEO guidelines and compelling. I wouldn’t hesitate to ask Betty for more beauty or health-industry related articles.”
Health Content Services
Betty is an excellent writer with the ability to take ideas and transform them into words. She is a creative that wowed me with every article that she worked on for me. I never had to manage any of the projects we worked together because she always finished my words and was in my head before I needed to explain them. I hope to continue working with Betty on future writing projects and I HIGHLY recommend her.
YACC- Yemen America Chamber of Commerce
I enjoyed working with Betty. She is very professional in her approach to work. She helped me to create engaging blog posts and product descriptions in the beauty niche. She also helped us to create converting landing pages and webcontent for clients in the health industry. We also worked on a project in the home improvement and sanitation niche and it was a great success. I'll keep working with her on coming projects. Good value for money.
Sortino Digital Marketing Agency



health and wellness freelance writer

Hello there,

Is your business taking advantage of the silver lining presented by the pandemic? Right now:

  • Internet traffic has increased exponentially since Feb 2020
  • Almost 50% of advertisers have stopped advertising (meaning if you invest effective efforts right now, you’ll be seen)
  • Online sales have increased exponentially
  • Most people have been forced to focus on their health, fitness, and wellness goals(ready market for your products and services…but you have to get their attention)


This is the perfect opportunity for your business to win and make profit.

So, tell me.

How would you like to grow your health or wellness business fast? Have clients coming to you all year round, making more sales, and surviving the “death pandemic” that befalls many businesses.

If you want to thrive and make your brand a household name, the formula is simple.





But we don’t always do the things we ought to do, do we? Sometimes we just have too much on our plate. Other times we lack the expertise, or are just too busy handling other important areas of our businesses.

This is where I come in.

I am a skilled health and wellness freelance writer and blogger for hire.

My goal is to help you attract relevant prospects, have them staying long enough on your site to learn what you have in store for them, and persuade them to click the buy button or subscribe to your email list.

Whatever your goal is, working with me will see you improve your online presence, get more leads, and make money on auto-pilot.

But let’s be honest. What does this have to do with your needs? Your case is unique, and every business has different needs and goals.

When you start a romantic relationship, do you measure your own satisfaction by how your partner behaved with others? No, you’re interested in your own thing.

So here it is- are you interested in how I can help you and make things happen for you?

I am not telling you to hire me as your health and wellness writer now. But if there was a way to grow your online presence, increase your sales significantly, and keep growing your business even in your sleep, you would want to try it, wouldn’t you?

Don’t let this profit  and growth opportunity pass you by.

Take action now.

So tell me, what are your content marketing needs? 


Let's talk about your business, shall we?